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  • Laser Positioner

    This is an equipment with 2 linear lasers integrated in the punching Stripper. Both laser beams cross in the middle of the die-punch. Therefore, you can lay the piece easily just placing the punching point exactly where the lines cross.

  • New Bendicrop Models

    We are glad to introduce you new Geka's Bendicrop models (60 S/SD and 85 S). Metal fabricators and construction companies often have to perform simple bending operations. GEKA has developed the Bendicrop Series.


Manufacturers of universal hydraulic punching shears specializing in punching steel and other metals.

One-cylinder punching shears

Geka one-cylinder punching shears are the brand's smallest machines but this doesn't affect their versatility and capacity to get the job done. They have 4 standard working stations: for cutting flat bars and angles, for punching and for notching.

Minicrop, Microcrop and Multicrop

These universal one-cylinder ironworkers can cut metal with minimum distortion. They can cut angled sections at 45º, carry out fantastic rectangular notching and punch profiles.

Punching shears with bending station

Geka manufactures the only two-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers with 5 working stations which incorporate a bending station. This bending station can be used to obtain very good results by carrying out high precision tasks.

Bendicrop Series

Bendicrop Series are punching shears which incorporate an integrated bending station as well as those for punching, notching, cutting plates and bars. There are various models available with different punching capacities: Bendicrop 50, Bendicrop 60 or Bendicrop 85.

Two-cylinder punching shears

Geka's independent two-cylinder drilling shears allow two operators to work simultaneously, therefore increasing production capacity considerably. This model is specifically designed for the punching and cutting of base plates.

Hydracrop Series

The Hydracrop Series are hydraulic ironworkers, of a higher capacity than the Bendicrop, for cutting and transforming all types of profiles and steel bars as well as installing small dies.

One-cylinder and two-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers

Geka has machinery for work where punching with one and two cylinder machines are required. These are the Puma Series and the PP Series from Geka.

Puma Series

Hydraulic ironworkers for punching pronounced elements of between 5". And 31 1/2"

PP Series

Geka's PP Series are portable ironworkers that can be easily transported from one place to another facilitating work where high mobility is required.

Ironworkers Range
  • One cylinder

    GEKA one cylinder Punching Shears are designed to transform different sections and steel flat bars.

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  • Bendicrop Series

    The BENDICROP models have the same work stations as the HYDRACROP, but these machines also have a permanent bending station.

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  • Hydracrop Series

    GEKA two-cylinder punching shears are very versatile machines with the capacity to transform all different types of sections and steel flat bars.

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  • Punching machines

    The PUMAS have five power levels, 55T, 80T, 110T, 165T and 220T. The PP's are portable ironworkers, on wheels.

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