New Bendicrop Models

We are glad to introduce you new Geka's Bendicrop models (60 S/SD and 85 S).
Metal fabricators and construction companies often have to perform simple bending operations. GEKA has developed the Bendicrop Series, in addition to the cutting, punching and notching stations, holds a permanently fitted bending station.


> One and two cylinders ironworkers with six work stations: bending, punching, notching, shear for flat bars, angle cutting, round and square bars cutting. Exclusive from Geka.
> Blade holder¿s vertical movement that gives the machines an excellent performance.
> Fitted with an anti torque system to reduce deformation when shearing flat bars. The BENDICROP models are fitted with a touch and cut length stop and is delivered with two V-shaped bending dies.
> Goose neck die-holder for punching of UPN and H sections on legs and webs.
> Quick tool change.
> Angle shearing without loss of material. Wide range of openings for bars.
> Flat bar and plate shearing system with minimum deformation L mitre shearing up to 45º.
> Rectangular and triangular notching with table. Also suitable for tube notching, rectangular notching, etc.
> Built-in Safety System: The punching guard is linked to a limit switch so that when this guard opens, the punch lowers without pressure during the first pedal interval and rises during the second interval. This makes centering between the die and punch easier and safer for the user.

Dear customer, following new Geka's Bendicrop models launch campaign, we would also like to inform you that all Bendicrop models would include a LASER POSITIONER FOR FREE until 2014 April 1st.

You can CONTACT US for further information.

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