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GEKA AUTOMATION, S.L. Management has decided to implement an Integrated Quality and Occupational Health and Safety System in accordance with ISO Standard 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007, based on the following guidelines:

  • Commitment to customers: We undertake to meet customer needs as regards heavy plate punching and cutting, complying with the highest standards of quality, innovation, price and deliver time and promoting a customer relationship based on professional attitude, respect and good practice.
  • Commitment to innovation; We undertake to develop and maintain a cutting-edge product range based on constant innovation and in accordance with emerging market needs.
  • Commitment to service: We undertake to develop and maintain an international network of distributors and to train and assist them in order to provide advice and support for the end user during the service life of the supplied equipment.
  • Commitment to workers: We undertake to guarantee our workers an appropriate, personal and motivating environment and to train them to carry out their responsibilities with the best guarantees.
  • Commitment to shareholders: We undertake to work towards getting the most out of their contributions in the long term.
  • Commitment to the Quality Management System: We undertake to implement, certify and maintain a quality management system based on ISO Standard 9001:2008 and to promote any measures necessary to guarantee continuous improvement for our products and processes.
  • Commitment to the Occupational Health and Safety Plan: We undertake to create a safe work environment by providing resources and equipment for the procedures defined in the Occupational Health and Safety System and enforcing strict compliance for all workers with the rules and regulations established therein. GEKA AUTOMATION, S.L. Management is naturally concerned about the health and safety of its workers. Therefore, as well as complying with legal regulations in the field of workplace risk prevention, it aims to improve work conditions for its workers, by taking advantage of said compliance with regulations. In order to achieve those objectives, on the understanding that the improvement of work conditions must be continuous, the company's management undertakes to:
    • Comply with all of the stipulations established in applicable risk prevention laws and regulations.
    • Ensure that the company fulfils any preventive and legal requirements by providing information and training, answering queries and ensuring worker participation.
    • Analyze the processes, techniques and raw materials used, choosing those which expose workers to fewer risks.
    • Assign sufficient resources to the development of preventive activities.
    • Create a positive culture in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.

By ensuring that the company's workers comply with the above guidelines, we hope to achieve complete customer satisfaction with the reliability and quality of our products.

In witness whereof, I hereby sign this document in Oiartzun, on 14 April 2010.

Representative (individual) of the sole administrator of GEKA AUTOMATION, S.L.


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