Minicrop, Single Cylinder Hydraulic Ironworker with 3 workstations.

One Cylinder Ironworker with 4 workstations: Punching, Notching, Shearing Flat Bars, Angles and Round and Square Bars.


One Cylinder Ironworker with 4 work stations:

  • Goose neck die-holder for Punching U and I Profiles in leg and web.
  • Angle shearing at 90º.
  • Round and Squared Bars Cutting.
  • Flat Bars Shearing with minimum deformation.
  • Rectangular Nothing with worktable.
  • Shearing U and I Profiles up to 100 mm with optional blades.

Wide range of optional equipment for Notching and Punching Stations.

Punching Power 45 Tons
Maximum capacity Ø 28×10 mm
Shearing of Flat Bars 300 x 10 mm
200 x 13 mm
Angle Shearing at 90º 80 x 80 x 8 mm
Notching 60 x 50 x 7 mm
  • Capacities based on a material resistance of 45 Kg/mm2.
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Minicrop features.


90º Angle Cutting system.


Possibility of cutting UPN and IPN profiles up to 100 mm. with optional blades.


Progressive Cutting of Flat Bars with minimum deformation.


Goose neck die-holder for Punching U and I Profiles in leg and web.


Rectangular Nothing with worktable.