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Bendicrop Series is Geka Ironworkers´ range of punching, shearing and bending machines. They can be used by one or two operators simultaneously. This feature available in Bendicrop 60 and 85 is a great advantage over other ironworker machines since having the ability to perform two tasks at the same time increases exponentially the productivity of those machines. The Bendidrop is the only ironworker with an integrated Bending station. It complies with CE regulation on Bending machines.

The Bendicrop series has 6 different workstations that can carry out the following ironworking tasks: Punching, Notching, Shearing Flat Bars, Angle Cutting, Bars Shearing and built-in Bending Station.

Bendicrop series machines

There are three models within the Bendicrop series, these are Bendicrop 50, Bendicrop 60 sheet metal punching machine and Bendicrop 85 punching and bending machine. The main difference between these machines is their punching power, which reflects on the number included in their name (for example, Bendicrop 50 has a power of 50 Tons).

Bendicrop features

All Bendicrop series machines have the following features:

  • Anti-torsion system for shearing flat bars without distortion
  • Bending station
  • Angle section cutting at 45º
  • Can shear in angles in round and square bars
  • Goose neck die-holder that can punch UPN and IPN profiles on legs and webs
  • Touch and cut length stop
Geka-punzonadora-plegadora-bendicrop 50

Bendicrop 50 Ironworker

Single Cylinder Hydraulic Ironworker with built-in bending station.

Geka-punzonadora-plegadora-bendicrop 60

Bendicrop 60 Ironworker

Two Cylinders Hydraulic Ironworker with built-in bending station.

Geka-punzonadora-plegadora-bendicrop 85

Bendicrop 85 Ironworker

Two Cylinders Hydraulic Ironworker with built-in bending station.

Bendicrop series capacities

The capacities of Bendicrop models are displayed on the following table:

Punching Power50 Ton60 Ton80 Ton
Maximum Capacity(A) Ø 31 x 12 mm
(B) Ø 27 x 13 mm
Ø 40 x 11 mmØ 40 x 15 mm
Throat Depth S / SD177 mm250 / 500 mm300 / 500 mm
Working Height973 mm1106 mm1094 mm
Flatbar with slight deformation350 x 10 mm
(5º) 350 x 15 mm
350 x 15 mm
(5º) 350×15 mm
450 x 15 mm
(5º) 450×18 mm
Length of Blades 356 mm356 mm475 mm
Shear of one angle leg at 45º70 mm70 mm
Working Height 810 mm859 mm868 mm
L at 90º80 x 80 x 8 mm120 x 120 x 10 mm120 x 120 x 10 mm
Round Bar35 mm45 mm45 mm
Square Bar30 mm40 mm40 mm
NOTCHING RectangularTriangularTriangular
Plate Thickness10 mm10 mm12 mm
L of100 mm100 mm130 mm
Depth90 mm
Width42 mm
Maximum Capacity100 x 10 mm150 x 10 mm200 x 12 mm
Motor Power3 kW5,5 kW9 kW
Strokes per minute34
on 15 mm stroke
on 15 mm stroke
on 20 mm stroke
Maximun stroke15 mm20 mm20 mm
  • Capacities based on a material resistance of 45 Kg/mm2.
  • GEKA may change technical specifications, equipment and photographs of models, as well as any other information contained herein.
  • Technical characteristics valid except for typographical errors or omissions.
  • (A) Spain, Latin America, Denmark, Saudi Arabia and Africa. (B) Rest of World

Punching capacities

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