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GEKA Punching Machines are strong Ironworkers with a wide range of accessories for every punching needs.

There are 2 different series of punching machines within Geka Ironworkers’ catalogue, these are the Puma series and the portable punching series

GEKA Punching Machines Series


PUMA Series.

PUMA Hydraulic Punching machines for Punching Flat Bars and Profiles, Throat Depth up to 750 mm and Punching Power up to 220 Tons.


PP Series.

Portable Punching Machines mounted on wheels for its displacement.
It is also available an exclusive Marking Option for Flat Bars and Profiles.

Puma series

The Puma series is a range of punching machines for punching flat bars and profiles. There are 5 models identified by their punching power (in tons) they have. These are: Puma 55, Puma 80, Puma 110, Puma 165 and Puma 220. The throat depths of these machines range from 500 to 800 mm in Puma 220.

Puma series features

The punching machines within this series have different capacities but do have various features in common, these are the following:

  • Anti-rotation mechanism on a guided cylinder.
  • Punch centring is done in stages.
  • Quick punch changer.
  • Protections from harm.
  • A large range of optional equipment is available to conduct a variety of tasks.
  • A goose neck holder is available for the punching of sections.

Portable punching machines

Geka´s portable punching machines have been designed so that the user can move them. There can be various reasons for this mobility need such as optimizing the space or moving it from one location to another one with ease. This punching machines can punch flat bars and profiles and have a power of 55 tons.

Portable punching machines models

There are two models for different tasks, these are:

  • G Model: performs punching tasks over flat bars and structural profiles.
  • P Model: Comes with a T Slot table that is suitable with various sets of customized tools.

Punching capacities

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