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If you have any type of doubts about what type of Geka machinery or accessory is ideal for your business, whether they are punching shears, positioners, punching machines or the accessories that they have, you are now in the right place to receive guidance. Geka’s commercial advice will help you to choose the machinery and accessories that best fit your needs.

Geka is a company with more than 100 years of experience in fabricating and designing punching machines and machinery for the processing of steel angles and profiles for business sectors such as metal carpentry and the building industry. It has already been more than 100 years listening to our clients and improving the skills of our sales consultants to offer our clients the solutions that can adapt best to the needs that they have in their businesses.

This long experience has been transmitted to Geka’s commercial advice team. Our sales consultants have received the best training in order to know in detail what every Geka machine has to offer. Joining this formation and their experience, they can provide our clients the best solution for their business.

Characteristics of Geka’s commercial sales consultants

Geka’s commercial advice and its sales consultants characterize themselves by their positive attitude, their active listening skills and their communication skills when talking with the client. At Geka we understand the complexity of the industry we deal with and the difficulties that may arise in decision making, and we seek to reduce them so that our clients fully understand what we offer and what is best suited for what they are looking for.

An example of how Geka´s commercial advice team can help you

This difficulty can arise in many fields, let’s suppose (as an example) that we are looking for the ideal punching shear for punching and cutting angles and rims from Geka´s machinery catalogue. The first question that arises is how many cylinders it should have: are we looking for a single or a double cylinder punching shear? This will be the first point where the sales consultant can be important in order to guide you into taking the best decision. Let’s move on.

Now let’s assume that we have decided, thanks to Geka’s commercial advice, that the solution that suits us the best is a two-cylinder punching shear from the Hydracrop Series. Now, we have five punching shears that are very similar to each other as an option. We decided that Hydracrop 80 is the ideal one for us, but after having a chat with the Geka’s sales consultants, we were told that the one that best suits our needs is Hydracrop 55.

This choice is made because we do not require a punching strength of more than 55 tons, and it is better for us to punch and cut rims with the angles and sizes offered by Hydracrop 55. The price of Hydracrop 55 is lower than that of Hydracrop 80.

We look after your interests, we meet your needs

We would like to take this opportunity to state that the interest of Geka’s commercial advisory team will always be to defend the interests of our clients, at no time will we seek to sell the option that brings the biggest profit to Geka, but rather the one that best suits your needs and the one that brings the most benefits for you.

Contact Geka’s commercial advice service to have the first contact with us, filling in the form according to your interests, providing Geka’s sales consultants the information that we will need in order to provide you with the best possible solution.

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