Pax CNC Feeders for Metal Punching Machines

PAX CNC feeder automates through CNC control the task of Punching Lines of Holes. As a result, time will be saved as the operator will not need to be continuously present to position and feed the material that is going to be punched by your Geka Ironworker. Additionally, efficiency will also be increased because the worker will be able to complete other tasks instead of having to do the positioning tasks manually.

When processing the punching tasks with PAX CNC feeder, the profile is pushed along the X axis by a clamp into the Punching Station through the CNC Program to be punched by the punching machine. Manually adjustable Y axis positioning is also an option.

PAX features

Pax CNC feeder has various features that make it an excellent feeder for your punching machine as it makes its feeding tasks as precise and adjustable as you may need.

  • Conveyor Unit and Positioning Clamping Guides.
  • CNC Touch Screen Monitor.
  • Servo Motor positioning.
  • Linear roller table.
  • Manually adjustable Y Axis positioning.

PAX CNC feeder capacities

The capacities of this CNC controlled feeder are detailed in the following table:

Available StrokesMeter by meter*
Max. Feed Speed.24 m/min
Max. Feed Weight250 Kg
Repeatability± 0,15mm

* Lengths available from 3 meters and above.

  • Capacities based on a material resistance of 45 Kg/mm2.
  • GEKA may change technical specifications, equipment and photographs of models, as well as any other information contained herein.
  • Technical characteristics valid except for typographical errors or omissions.

Other positioners and feeders

The PAX CNC feeder is part of Geka´s positioners and feeders. Other positioners and feeders that you can find in our catalogue are ARLS CNC feeder and Semi-Paxy positioner.

ALRS CNC feeder

ALRS CNC feeder is a flat bars feeder that is compatible with the Hydracrop series, except for Hydracrop 55. It automates the tasks that are usually done manually in the shearing station.

Semi-Paxy positioner

Semi-Paxy is an ideal material positioner with CNC control in your punching station as it includes a conveyor unit and positioning clamping guides, servo motor positioning technology, and a CNC touch screen monitor.

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