Positioners and feeders

GEKA Semi-Paxy Positioner and PAX and ALRS Feeders, help to substantially increase productivity of your GEKA Hydraulic Ironworker through CNC control.

The positioners and feeders catalogue of Geka Ironworkers consists of three different series of CNC semi-automatic devices. The Semi-Paxy CNC positioner, ALRS CNC feeder and Pax CNC feeder.

Semi-Paxy CNC positioner

The semi Paxy CNC positioner is a semi-automatic positioner. A solution for material positioning though CNC control for the punching station. This positioning device is compatible with the Hydracrop series and the Puma series.

This CNC control positioner has a table with X and Y axis with programmable stops within it. It has two versions depending on the length of the material that it can accommodate. Semi-Paxy 1000 can process materials of a maximum length of 1000 mm whilst X Plus can do so in materials that range from 2000 to 6000 mm.


Semi-Paxy CNC Positioner.

Semi-Automatic CNC Solution for material positioning in Punching Station. Table with X and Y axis control with programmable stops. Valid for Hydracrop or Puma with a minimum throat of 500 mm.

ALRS CNC feeder

Continuing with our positioners and feeders, the ALRS CNC feeder is a flat bar feeder that automates the work that would be otherwise done manually in the shearing station. As a result, having this feeder to complete shearing tasks automatically will save time and increase your productivity exponentially.

This machinery is compatible with Hydracrop´s two-cylinder ironworker machines except for Hydracrop 55.

ALRS CNC Feeder.

Semi-Automatic CNC Feeder for Hydracrop Series Flat Bars Cutting Station. Avoids manual material positioning with the consequent increase in productivity.

PAX CNC feeder

Another of our positioners and feeders is the PAX CNC feeder which is able to automate the task of linear punching. It features a conveyor unit and positioning clamping guide, a CNC touch screen monitor and a linear roller table. When being used, the profile is pushed into the punching station along the X axis. It is compatible with the Puma and the Hydracrop series.

PAX CNC Feeder.

Semi-Automatic CNC Feeder for GEKA Machines. PAX allows the automation of repetitive punching operations on the same line. Valid for Puma and Hydracrop Punching Machines.

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