CNC Feeders and Positioners for GEKA Ironworkers.

GEKA Semi-Paxy Positioner and PAX and ALRS Feeders, help to substantially increase productivity of your GEKA Hydraulic Ironworker.


Semi-Paxy CNC Positioner.

Semi-Automatic CNC Solution for material positioning in Punching Station. Table with X and Y axis control with programmable stops. Valid for Hydracrop or Puma with a minimum throat of 500 mm.

ALRS CNC Feeder.

Semi-Automatic CNC Feeder for Hydracrop Series Flat Bars Cutting Station. Avoids manual material positioning with the consequent increase in productivity.

PAX CNC Feeder.

Semi-Automatic CNC Feeder for GEKA Machines. PAX allows the automation of repetitive punching operations on the same line. Valid for Puma and Hydracrop Punching Machines.

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