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Geka has been looking to provide the best performance and the best durability in ironworking machines since 1919. All Geka machinery is made of high-quality materials and provides results that demonstrate their high performance. In addition, with our Geka Technical Support, qualified engineers are at your service. These engineers are part of Geka technical support and can resolve any questions or concerns related to your Geka machinery.

Geka’s technical support team

Geka’s technical support team consists of the company’s engineers who have been involved in the production and manufacturing processes. This is why they know every special detail within Geka’s machinery and are fully prepared.

Having these excellent experts in the field of industrial machinery makes Geka’s technical support the perfect solution to any problem related to your Geka machine. Their knowledge of each Geka machine will help you get the most out it. Please contact Geka’s technical support so that we can help you with everything that you may need related to your Geka machine or accessory.

What can you do when a problem arises with your Geka machinery?

If you find any kind of problem with your Geka machine or have any questions about how to make some of its functionalities work, please contact Geka’s technical support. Our customer service can answer any questions you may have about your Geka machinery or accessories. Also, so that you can be able to get the most out of your Geka machinery, Geka technical support’s engineers will solve any concerns or questions that are related with your purchased product.

Why is it important for you to contact Geka’s technical support if you have a problem with your Geka machinery?

Once you have purchased a GEKA machine, there may be some doubts about the function of the product, and eventually some malfunctions may occur. In this case, it’s important to contact Geka’s technical support, not an outside company with no experience and knowledge of how the product works. Geka after-sales support is part of Geka’s service.

Geka’s professionals are fully prepared to provide a great customer support as they have a deep experience within the production chain. This way, they will perfectly know everything that is related with Geka’s machinery and they will help you to keep your machinery performing at its best for the longest time possible.

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20180 Oiartzun (SPAIN).
TEL: +34 943 490 034

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