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2-positions press brake tool

The 2-positions press brake tool for transversal and longitudinal folding operations is a bending tool for the punching station in Geka hydraulic ironworkers. The tool enables your Geka ironworker to perform folding operations on flat bars and sheet plates.

Geka’s 2-position press break tool equips your machine to for flat bar and sheet plate folding in transversal and longitudinal positions, adding versatility to your manufacturing process.

Depending on your ironworking machine’s throat depth, the type and quantity of bending that is desired and the type of profile that’s being operated on (sheet plates or flat bars), the press brake tool may be placed parallelly or transversely to the bending or punching station. This allows the operator to use the tool in different ways for different profiles, lengths and folding operations.

The transversal brake is only available for models in Geka’s Hydracrop Series of two-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers.

Whether you are cutting bars, folding sheet plates, or bending any type of metal, you can rest assured that Geka’s 100 years of experience and commitment to high-quality standards results in durable and reliable machines capable of performing any industrial ironworking task.

If we can help you resolve any doubt that you may have about this bending tool or if you need advice, please contact Geka. Our experts will assist and help you with this equipment. Geka’s team is always available to provide technical support or any kind of assistance.

2-positions press brake tool specifications by machine

Hydracrop 55 S3006
Hydracrop 55 SD5006
Hydracrop 80 S4006
Hydracrop 80 SD6006
Hydracrop 110 S4006
Hydracrop 110 SD7006
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