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Elastic hold-down for punching

Punching metal successively over short distances on rims causes deformations on these rims. GEKA’s hold-down punching tool allows to prevent the deformation generated by the shearing stresses. The elastic hold-down punching accessory is available for GEKA’s Hydracrop, Minicrop and Microcrop machines.

Other punching tools

If you want a tool with which to complete other punching tasks, you can learn more about the following GEKA punching tools:

More information about Geka’s elastic hold-down for punching

If you have any questions about Geka’s hold-down punching tool or if you need technical or sales advice, please contact GEKA. Our experts will assist you with this equipment. We have a wide range of services that can help you with all our products, from sales consultants to technical support. We can also send you a brochure or manual about your metal punching tool.

Whether you are punching metal, bending sheet metal or bending any type of steel or metal, you can be sure that GEKA’s 100 years of experience and commitment to high quality standards result in durable machines and highly reliable industrial machine tools, capable of performing any industrial cutting task.

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