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Electric flip-stop tool for angles, profiles and flat bars

The electric flip-stop tool can be found on all the Geka hydraulic ironworker machine models. These electric tools allow Geka machinery to be able to make cuts of equal lengths automatically. Geka’s electric flip-stop tools may be used with any of the stations on its machines. It is very useful for automating and improving the efficiency of repetitive angle cutting or flat bar cutting operations.

Geka’s electric flip-stop tools may be complemented with quick connect extension modules, which are expandable meter by meter. The base module of the electric flip-stop can cut up to a meter without the need for the machine’s operators to do any repetitive work to complete the angle or flat bar cutting operations.

The electric flip-stop unit includes an electric “Touch & Cut” length stop and the extension module. These can be mounted onto the angle cutting and flat or solid bar shearing stations of your Geka ironworking machine. In addition to the touch stop to control cutting depth, the electric flip-stop tools also include two bars and one ruler.

If you want to ask us anything about the electric flip-stop profile shearing tool or if you need any kind of sales or technical support, please contact GEKA. Our team of Geka experts and engineers are always available to do whatever we can to help you with this or any other of our equipment.

Geka’s unique shearing system

Geka machinery is able to perform shearing operations precisely and the electric flip-stop tool is one of our innovative contributions to this process. The shearing system in Geka’s ironworkers performs single cuts without any wasted material.

Geka also has its own patented anti-twist system, exclusive to our ironworkers. It features an upper blade that travels along a rectilinear line, which enables it to shear angles without causing any deformation of the material. It also includes a safety protection station.

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