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Flat Bar Cutting Equipment

This is the flat bar cutting equipment, consisting of a station for cutting and shearing flat bars, featured on almost every GEKA machinery. The flat bars cutting equipment is very simple to operate and performs precise cuts without wasting any material. Most GEKA ironworker models are also fitted with GEKA’s own anti-twist system that drastically reduces the deformation of material when shearing flat bars.

The flat bars cutting equipment includes a guided table for guiding the flat bar into the shearing station in several angle positions. The shearing stations may also include a hold-down device that protects the blade, improves safety, and holds down the flat bar to improve accuracy and stability during shearing operation.

The hydraulic hold-down can also be acquired on some GEKA Hydracrop ironworking machines as an optional accessory. This accessory, which can perform clear cutting angles and flat bars, is only available for the Hydracrop Series of two-cylinder hydraulic machines and must be mounted by GEKA in the original machine at the factory before shipping.

If you have any questions about the flat bars cutting equipment or if you need any advice, ask our experts to help you with this equipment. Please contact GEKA.

Specifications for GEKA’s Flat Bar Cutting Equipment

The table below compares the maximum shearing capacity of the flat bars cutting equipment on each Geka machine. The maximum cutting size for flat bars is given for each Geka machine.

Microcrop350 x 6 mm / 200 x 13 mm
Minicrop300 x 10 mm / 200 x 13 mm
Multicrop300 x 10 mm / 200 x 13 mm
Bendicrop 50350 x 10 mm / 350 x 15 mm
Bendicrop 85 SD450 x 15 mm / 450 x 18 mm
Hydracrop 55300 x 15 mm / 200 x 20 mm
Hydracrop 80450 x 15 mm / 300 x 20 mm
Hydracrop 110600 x 15 mm / 400 x 20 mm
Hydracrop 165750 x 20 mm / 400 x 30 mm
Hydracrop 220750 x 20 mm / 400 x 30 mm
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