Louvre notching tools

Convert flat bars into louvres with GEKA’s louvre notching tools. These punching and notching tools are compatible with the punching stations of GEKA’s Hydracrop Series of two-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers and GEKA’s Puma Series of punching machines.

Two operations are needed to convert a flat bar into a louvre: cutting and stuffing. With GEKA’s louvre notching tool, both operations, cutting and stuffing, are made simultaneously with one single punching movement. The flat bar can be cut before or after the operation in your machine’s shearing station, if you have a Hydracrop GEKA machine.

Our wide range of punches and dies also allows you to punch several standard shapes: round, square, rectangular, oblong or to even make your own shape and size with our custom punches and dies tailor-made solutions. If you wish to acquire custom punches, please contact our technical service. All of them can be adjusted to the standard machine easily and quickly.

If you have any question about this notching tool or if you need technical or sales advice of any type, please contact GEKA to help you with this equipment.

Machines Compatible with Geka’s Louvre Notching Equipment

Puma Series: Geka’s Puma Series of hydraulic punching machines consists of 5 models: the Puma 55, the Puma 80, the Puma 110, the Puma 165 and the Puma 220. These machines feature punching powers ranging from 60 to 240 US tons and can be fitted with a number of optional tools and accessories, including the louvre notching tool.

Hydracrop Series: The Hydracrop Series of hydraulic ironworkers includes 5 machines: the Hydracrop 55, the Hydracrop 80, the Hydracrop 110, the Hydracrop 165 and the Hydracrop 220. They can be used for shearing standard and flat bars as well as for cutting angles of 45º and 90º. They can also be suited with many optional accessories, including the louvre notching tool.

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