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Oversize punching unit for diameters up to 100 mm

GEKA’s oversize punching unit for diameters up to 100 mm is an ironworker tool that allows operators to cut a wide range of hole punch diameters and geometric figures on flat surfaces. The punch must have the desired shape and figure, which should circumscribe to a small diameter hole punch diameter of up to 100 mm. The die must have the same shape with proportional set to the thickness of the material.

CAUTION: Never punch a hole punch diameter smaller than the material thickness. It is very important to apply the correct gap between punch and die.

The following table provides the maximum hole punch diameters thickness that can be punched using this tool.

Machineø x max thicknessø x max thickness
Micro 36 Ø 17×16Ø 38×8
Minicrop 45 Ø 18×18 Ø 100×4
Multicrop Ø 18×18Ø 100×4
Bendicrop 50 Ø 19×19Ø 100×4
Bendicrop 85 Ø 24×24Ø 100×6
Hydracrop 55 Ø20×20Ø 100×4
Hydracrop 80 Ø 24×24Ø 100×6
Hydracrop 110 Ø 29×29Ø 100×8
Hydracrop 165  Ø 34×34Ø 100×12
Hydracrop 220Ø 40×40Ø 100×16
L50Ø 20 x 20Ø 40×9
L50Ø 20 x 20Ø 50×7
Puma 55  Ø 20 x 20Ø 100×4
Puma 80Ø 24 x 24Ø 100×6
Puma 110Ø 29 x 29Ø 100×8
Puma 165Ø 34x 34Ø 100 x12
Puma 220Ø 40 x 40Ø 100×16

If you would like to purchase a custom tool for punching in small diameters or any custom parts for your Geka ironworker, please contact GEKA. Our technical service is available to help you and will be able to design a tailor-made solution. You can send us a sketch with the idea that you have in mind, including the shape and size for the part, and our technical service will evaluate the feasibility of the design. All of our custom tools can be adjusted to the standard machine easily and quickly.

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