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Rectangular notching tool for the Microcrop Series

This optional tool for GEKA Microcrop machines enables them to perform rectangular notching when cutting metal. This optional notching accessory allows to obtain rectangular shaped cuts on the outer perimeter of sheet metal or profiles. The maximum allowable dimensions are as follows: 53 mm length, 36 mm width and 8 mm thickness.

This metal notching tool is part of GEKA’s machine tools for users who need to perform special jobs, which do not fit into any of the classic options of a Microcrop. Our versatility allows us to adapt to the specific needs of our customers.

Other notching or metal cutting tools

If you are looking for a custom tool for rectangular notching that is compatible with other GEKA machinery, check out our rectangular notching tool which is compatible with the Minicrop, Multicrop, Bendicrop and the Hydracrop machines.

If you are looking to perform notching tasks to cut metal into other shapes, you may be interested in the following tools:

Custom tools for notching metal

If you wish to purchase a custom tool for notching metal or any custom parts for your Geka ironworker, please contact GEKA. Our technical service is available to help you and will be able to design a tailor-made solution. You can send us a sketch with the idea that you have in mind, including the shape and size for the part, and our technical service will evaluate the feasibility of the design. All of our custom tools can be adjusted to the standard machine easily and quickly.

For any GEKA machinery or notching tool, you can rest assured that GEKA’s 100 years of experience and commitment to high quality standards result in durable machines and highly reliable industrial machine tools, capable of performing any industrial metalworking task.

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