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Standard Bending Equipment

This is the standard bending equipment for GEKA’s range of ironworking machinery. It is a GEKA ironworker tool that allows operators the bending of sheet metal.

GEKA’s standard bending equipment is placed on the same hydraulic center used by the punching station of the ironworker, which means that it needs to be manually dismantled and that the punching area must be cleared before working with this bending tool.

If you are looking for an ironworker with an integrated bending station, the models in the GEKA Bendicrop Series of ironworking machines feature a built-in bending station, providing a reliable bending equipment right on your ironworker.

If you have any questions about GEKA’s standard bending equipment or if you need sales or technical advice, please contact GEKA. Our experts will help you with this equipment. We have a wide range of services that can help you with all of our products, from sales consultants to technical support. We can also send you a brochure or a manual about your Bendicrop series ironworker machine.

Specifications for GEKA’s Bending Equipment

MachineBending Power kNMaximum Capacity
Microcrop 3636080×12
Hydracrop 55S550500×3
Hydracrop 80S800600×3
Hydracrop 110S800700×3
Hydracrop 165SD1650700×3
Hydracrop 2202200700×3
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