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Standard cutting tool for round and square bars

This are the standard cutting tools for cutting round and square bars in the shearing stations of GEKA ironworking machines. The standard cutting tool for each GEKA ironworker model has a different capacity for the dimensions of round and square bars that they can process.

Our wide range of ironworkers allows you to cut and shear several round and square bars and to even design your own bar-cutting shape and size with the help of our technical support service. You can even send us the prototype that you have in mind with the size and shape you want to shear and we might be able to design custom tools and accessories for you.

If you have any questions or would like to request a brochure or a manual about our standard cutting tools, please contact GEKA. Our team of Geka experts and engineers are also available to provide our clients with professional advice and technical support with this or any of our equipment.

Specifications for GEKA’s Standard Cutting Tools

With the table below you can compare the capacity of the standard cutting tools in our ironworking models. The table lists the maximum cutting size for round and square bars that the machine is able to perform.

MachineRound BarSquare Bar
Bendicrop 503530
Bendicrop 854540
Hydracrop 554040
Hydracrop 804545
Hydracrop 1105050
Hydracrop 1656060
Hydracrop 2206060
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