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Standard punching equipment

This is the standard punching equipment included in the punching stations of GEKA ironworker machine models. This ironworker tool allows operators of GEKA machinery to punch materials of varying kinds and thicknesses. The standard punching equipment in the punching station of your Geka ironworker allows you to perform punch forming operations on metals of different diameters.

Also, with our wide range of punches and dies, operators can punch different kinds of standard shapes like round, square, rectangular and oblong. Customers can also design their own custom shapes, depending on their manufacturing needs, with our custom punches and dies technical service.

CAUTION: Never punch a diameter smaller than the material thickness. It is very important to apply the correct gap between punch and die.

If you have any additional doubts or need help of any kind about our standard punching equipment, please contact our customer service. Our customer service includes technical and sales support. We also have manuals and brochures available for any of our machines or equipment. Please contact GEKA and we will do our best to help you.

Standard punching equipment specifications

The following table contains the punching power and the maximum capacity for the standard punching equipment on each GEKA machine model.

MODELPunching PowerMaximum Capacity
Microcrop60Ø27 x 10
Minicrop450Ø27 x 13
Multicrop450Ø27 x 13
Bendicrop500Ø31 x 12
Ø28 x 13
Hydracrop 55550Ø40 x 10
Ø20 x 20
Hydracrop 80800Ø40 x 14
Ø24 x 24
Hydracrop 1101100Ø40 x 20
Ø28 x 28
Hydracrop 1651650Ø40 x 30
Ø34 x 34
Hydracrop 2202200Ø40 x 40
Ø40 x 40
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