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Tools for T profile cutting and round & square bar cropping

Our tools for T-profile cutting and round and square bar cropping include a wide range of blades, which allow Geka ironworker users to cut in several standard profiles including round cut, square T-cut, UPN and square cut.

A common combination features T-profile and square and round bars cutting with one single blade for the profile shearing station in our ironworking machines.

Through our GEKA technical service, customers can also design custom blades in their desired shape and size to meet their manufacturing needs. Our team of GEKA engineers is available to help you bring your design to life.

Customers may even send us sketches with the size and form they wish to shear in and Geka will study your project’s viability. We will try to meet your manufacturing requirements for any of our GEKA machinery.

If you have any question about this T-cut shearing tool or if you require our assistance, contact GEKA and our experts will help you to resolve your questions about this equipment.

Specifications for the for the T profile cutting and round & square bar cropping tools

The table below indicates the maximum capacity for cutting T-profiles in each machine model. They are all adjustable to the standard machine rapidly and easily.

Microcrop50 mm
Minicrop100 mm
Multicrop100 mm
Bendicrop 50100 mm
Bendicrop 85100 mm
Hydracrop 5580 mm
Hydracrop 8080 mm
Hydracrop 110100 mm
Hydracrop 165120 mm
Hydracrop 220120 mm
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