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Triangular notching equipment

GEKA’s triangular notching equipment for obtaining triangular cuts with the notching stations of GEKA ironworking machines in the Bendicrop Series, Minicrop, Multicrop, Microcrop, and the Hydracrop Series of two-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers (excepting the Hydracrop 220/300).

With this triangular notching tool, you can obtain a triangular cut on the outer perimeter of flat bars or sheet metal. The notching is formed by an upper knife and two lower knives fixed to a lower die base. The triangular notching equipment performs open notching operations, which means that one side of the triangle is at the border of the profile, the same profile border that you place on the inner part of the notching tool will be the one to be open on the outside. With this accessory, operators of GEKA machinery can obtain triangular notches at 90º.

With our wide range of notching tools, operators can also notch in several standard shapes (square, circular, rectangular …) and special shapes. Customers may also design their own shape and size to suit their manufacturing needs by working with our custom punches and dies technical service. Send us a sketch, or the required specifications, and we will do our best to make your design a reality.

All of our notching tools can be mounted to the standard machine easily and quickly.
If you have any question about this notching tool or you need additional information, please contact GEKA, our experts will help you with this equipment.

Triangular notching equipment specifications by machine

MachineL x L x e
Minicrop 80x80x7
Bendicrop 50 100x100x10
Bendicrop 85 130x130x12
Hydracrop 55 100x100x10
Hydracrop 80 130x130x12
Hydracrop 110 130x130x13
Hydracrop 165 155x155x16
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