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Tube notching equipment

GEKA’s tube notching equipment, a notching tool for the punching and notching stations included in GEKA machinery. The tube notching equipment allows operators to notch at 90º at the end of tubes of different diameters.

By working with our GEKA technical service, we can provide customers with a tube notching equipment designed to handle tubes of specific diameters. If you wish to extend the diameter of the tubes that you want to notch, please contact GEKA, we will do everything that is possible to satisfy your demands. You can even send us a sketch with the size and shape that you have in mind.

The tube notching equipment is available for the punching and notching stations of GEKA ironworking machines. However, for all GEKA Microcrop models, the tube notching equipment is only available for the punching station of the machine

If you want to obtain more information about this notching tool or if you need professional advice, please contact Geka and our experts will help you with anything that you need with the tube notching equipment.

GEKA also has a wide range of dies and punches, that will allow you to punch many standard shapes such as oblong, rectangular, round and squared shapes. Also, you may even be able to make your own custom shape with our special and custom-made punches and dies service. All of these tools for punching standard or custom shapes can be adjusted to the standard machine in a quick and easy way.

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