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Read Geka’s machinery brochures and learn more about Geka’s whole product line of industrial machines. With Geka’s brochure request you will find accessories and consumables for all of our punching machines.

Request a machinery brochure or any type of information that you may need related with our accessories and consumables without any commitment. Complete the request and receive the features of the Geka machinery that you are interested in. Choose from different machine models: Hydracrop and Bendicrop series, punching machines, accessories, consumables or positioners.

Geka, world leader in shearing and punching machines, has a wide range of industrial machinery models and accessories. Send a brochure request to Geka and get access to all the details and technical features that our industrial machinery equipment has. More than 85,000 customers have been satisfied with the quality of our service. For more than 100 years, Geka has been working on innovation and improving all its machine models and accessories.

Through our brochures you will be able to enter the Geka universe and get to know everything related with the industrial machinery, punching machines, shearing machines or the most advanced equipment and systems that we have. We also offer a wide range of accessories to complete the structure of each of our machines. Contact us if you need the brochure for any original Geka tool, machine or accessory. We manufacture a wide range of specialized machinery for punching and cutting profiles, angles, bars and rims.

Geka’s machinery brochure reflects the quality, versatility and experience of the whole team and the industrial machines that we fabricate. Also, we continue adapting every machine to the new times and needs so that you can contact us with every challenge you face. We know all the details of the products that we sell and this is reflected in our machinery brochures.

Our team of expert advisors is at your disposal to help you choose the best product for your project. In addition, if you have any doubts after purchasing any of our products, we have a technical service of engineers who will provide you with the best after-sales service. They are Geka´s commercial advice.

Poligono Zerradi 1,
20180 Oiartzun (SPAIN).
TEL: +34 943 490 034

GPS Coordinates:
43° 17′ 28.986″ N
1° 52′ 56.933″ O


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