Puma 110 Punching Machine

The Geka Puma 110 is one of the models available in Geka’s Puma Series of punching machines for the ironworking industry.

These machines feature a punching power of 1100 KN (110 tons) and have a maximum capacity for diameters of 40 mm x 20 mm. Like the rest of punching machines in the Puma Series, the Puma 110 is available in two versions. The S version of the Puma 110 has a throat depth of 500 mm while the SD version features a throat depth of 750 mm.

Features of the Puma 110 Punching Machine

  • Guided cylinder
  • Technically dimensioned frame
  • Strong shaft system to avoid distortions
  • Guided punch centering
  • Safety protection
  • Quick punch change material stripper for Geka tools
  • Optimum operation speed

Puma 110 Punching Machine Specifications

SpecificationsVersion (S o SD)PUMA 110
Punching power 1100 KN
Maximum capacity Ø 40 mm x 20 mm
Throat Depths S500 mm
 SD750 mm
I on the leg 100-450 mm
I on the web 100-500 mm
U on the leg 120-400 mm
U on the web 120-400 mm
Motor power9 kW
Strokes per minute based on ¾” travel of punching cylinder28
Maximum stroke80 mm
Working heightS991 mm
SD1066 mm
Net weightS3150 kg
SD3970 kg
Gross weightS3400 kg
SD4300 kg
VolumeS5.55 m3
SD6.82 m3
Dimensions with Seaworthy PackagingS2.08 m x 1.32 m x 2.05 m
SD2.28 m x 1.3 m x 2.3 m
Pipe notching60 mm
Oversize diameters punchingØ 100 mm x 8 mm
  • Capacities based on a material resistance of 45 Kg/mm2.
  • GEKA may change technical specifications, equipment and photographs of models, as well as any other information contained herein.
  • Technical characteristics valid except for typographical errors or omissions.

Puma 110 Optional Accessories

  • Oversize punching attachment
  • Punch gauging table
  • Semi-paxy X-Y positioning table system
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