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Flip-stop tool for punching lines of holes

With Geka’s flip-stop manually adjustable mechanical stop unit, operators of Geka ironworker machines can punch holes in a straight line with great facility.

The flip-stop punching tool consists of a work surface to be mounted on Geka ironworker machines. It includes two stops for controlling depth and one two-meters-long ruler per module, which is mounted after the die holder. Eight retractable stops are also included per module.

If you have any questions about this punching tool or if you need more information and want a free manual or brochure, please contact GEKA and our experts will be pleased to help you with this or any other Geka ironworker tools.

Electric flip-stop tool for angles, profiles and flat bars

If you are looking for an electric flip-stop block for angles, profiles and flat bars, you may be interested in our electric flip-stop.

This flip-stop unit includes an electric “touch and cut” extension module and length stop for the flat shearing stations in your ironworker machines. It consists of two bars, one electric touch-stop and one ruler, which controls the cutting depth.

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